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ACS Racing
The Honda CRF100


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The Honda CRF100
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Modifications to the TTR125L and CRF100
Taylor on the Honda CRF100 in 2003
Taylor's BTX Motorcycles KTM SX85 B/W
Matt on the TTR125 in 2003
Taylor on the Yamaha TTR125
Tyrone on the Honda CRF100
Ryans Yamaha YZ250F

This is the bike Honda should have built.  Its a Honda CR80 fitted with a XR100 motor.
The CRF100 was first riden by Matt in 2002, then Taylor in 2003 rode it and now Tyrone is racing this bike for ACS Racing. 
Special thanks go to Scott Williams for the frame mods and Ken Colvin for the late hours and the engine development


The pits at the CRF's first race.


The CRF80

At this stage it was a XR80 motor built to 92cc


2002 Small Wheel version

Its light and fast........


The Honda CRF80/100 was built in 2002 in 4 weeks.
It comprised a small wheel Honda CR80 frame with a Honda XR80 or XR100 motor.
In May 2003 it grew up and became a big wheel or "Expert" bike.
It is light, handles well and is easy to ride which makes it competitive.

ACS Racing is a Motorcycling Australia registered name