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ACS Racing
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Results at the Victorian Junior MX Titles 2003
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The Honda CRF100
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Modifications to the TTR125L and CRF100
Taylor on the Honda CRF100 in 2003
Taylor's BTX Motorcycles KTM SX85 B/W
Matt on the TTR125 in 2003
Taylor on the Yamaha TTR125
Tyrone on the Honda CRF100
Ryans Yamaha YZ250F


The lower CR frame cradle was cut off and a new cradle was made to fit around the engine.  Motor mounts were then made up.




The frame mods in the early stages.  A bit of heating was needed to get everything to clear and work properly.  Frame was mig welded for strength.

The motor must be mounted level and the relationship between the swing arm piviot and the sprocket is very important.
The new steel is unpainted and shows you the extent of the work needed.



Note the removable mount.  This helps fitting and removing the engine quickly.

Moto Yamaha & Ken Colvin Pty Ltd help out ACS Racing